IPad AppStore “update all” should not stop if one of updates failed

I’ve submitted the following suggestion to Apple iPad Feedback(unfortunately they do not keep the suggestions on public forum):

iPad AppStore “update all” stops if one of updates failed. It should skip failing app and continue to update others.

It also doesn’t give any feedback why update failed. There is normal software practice to show error message and provide advise how to workaround the problem.
In my case update failed for app, that I originally bought but then requested refund, as it didn’t work as expected. Ability to skip such app or suggestion to delete it will be useful.

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Windows Feedback application in Windows 10 is very immature.

Recently I wanted to submit feedback to mIcrosoft and had to use Windows Feedback application in Windows 10. I was surprised how immature it is. They have Connect website  https://connect.microsoft.com that working fine for many applications, including visual studio and SQL server. They also using Uservoice sites, that also have acceptable user interface( apart of stupid limit for number of votes). What was the reason to create new proprietary application, supported only by Windows 10.

Link in MS Feedback is generated as something like


As you can expect, browsers do not understand these links. Even when I copied the link into feedback search field, it didn’t find it.

When I upvoted existing feedback, I’ve added a comment. However, when I open the same feedback again, my comments were not visible. They  should show the all discussion, not only initial suggestion.
I am not able to copy text of existing feedback. I opened it but text is not selectable. I tried to share via mail, but the feedback is added as image, not as text. 
It will be much better if MS will create Web client for feedback database to be viewed in normal browser.

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