Pocket Favorites are not available when you off-line

I am using Pocket(previously known as Read It Later) and sometimes sent to support my suggestions.
Unfortunately they do not have convenient support forums(or uservoice sites), so I post my suggestions here to have them visible:

IPad Pocket Favorites are not available when you off-line. It shows message similar to Archives. For Archives it makes sense, but why favorites have this limitation?
Could you please allow to access Favorites list off-line.

The support person agreed that including the Favorites would be great approach to improving upon this feature.

He also ask to submit the request officially here: http://pocket.co/soPybA This helps the team prioritize most requested features we receive.

I don’t understand why email to support is not considered as official request. Anyway everyone who wants to suggest something to Pocket, should fill the boring form

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GMail considered “unsubscribe” at the end of email as spam

I’ve created a new email account @gmail.com to communicate with members of Russian Bards Songs Club . When I sent the first email to 15 people, it was rejected with the message:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:

Message rejected.  See https://support.google.com/mail/answer/69585 for more information.

I’ve sent the same email to a single person and it was successful. I’ve wrote a small program to  vary some details and number of addressees, but the emails were continue to be blocked. I wasn’t able to send the email even to a single recipient. It means that gmail has more strict anti-spam criteria for smtp  clients then for gmail senders.

The email I was trying to send was written in Russian with some words in English and contained a few links. I didn’t know, what else make my email suspicious and submitted a question to Google. But they normally do not respond.

I’ve decided to test smaller emails to identify if particular part of content flags the email as spam. After a few attempts I found, that the trouble caused  the phrase

If you don’t want to receive more emails from us, please reply with the word ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject.

I’ve seen multiple recommendations to include unsubscribe information in emails to bypass anti-spam filters. It seems that too many spammers started to add such sentences, that Google now consider it as a spam indication.

Maybe  they didn’t like that I have an instruction to unsubscribe via email instead of providing link to website.

For now, I removed the sentence from the email and finally was able to send it.


Couple weeks later I added a message “If you don’t want to receive emails any more, click on this link”( in Russian), but the actual URL contained the word “unsubscribe”. I’ve sent emails to 3 big groups of people(about 100 each). Two of them were sent successfully, but one was rejected(actually the first one).
I split the failed group in three smaller ones, and tried to send them. They were rejected again.

Additional annoyance was that “delivery failed” notifications were received slowly within 5 minutes, and initially I had an impression that some emails succeeded, and only some were rejected. However according to timestamp all emails were rejected at the same time.

Then I renamed the target URL to not use “unsubscribe” word, updated the link in email signature, and was able to send emails successfully.

IPad AppStore “update all” should not stop if one of updates failed

I’ve submitted the following suggestion to Apple iPad Feedback(unfortunately they do not keep the suggestions on public forum):

iPad AppStore “update all” stops if one of updates failed. It should skip failing app and continue to update others.

It also doesn’t give any feedback why update failed. There is normal software practice to show error message and provide advise how to workaround the problem.
In my case update failed for app, that I originally bought but then requested refund, as it didn’t work as expected. Ability to skip such app or suggestion to delete it will be useful.

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Windows Feedback application in Windows 10 is very immature.

Recently I wanted to submit feedback to mIcrosoft and had to use Windows Feedback application in Windows 10. I was surprised how immature it is. They have Connect website  https://connect.microsoft.com that working fine for many applications, including visual studio and SQL server. They also using Uservoice sites, that also have acceptable user interface( apart of stupid limit for number of votes). What was the reason to create new proprietary application, supported only by Windows 10.

Link in MS Feedback is generated as something like


As you can expect, browsers do not understand these links. Even when I copied the link into feedback search field, it didn’t find it.

When I upvoted existing feedback, I’ve added a comment. However, when I open the same feedback again, my comments were not visible. They  should show the all discussion, not only initial suggestion.
I am not able to copy text of existing feedback. I opened it but text is not selectable. I tried to share via mail, but the feedback is added as image, not as text. 
It will be much better if MS will create Web client for feedback database to be viewed in normal browser.

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How I moved my blog from GeeksWithBlogs to WordPress.

When I decided to move my blog, I didn’t expect that it will require such effort. I found a post http://geekswithblogs.net/jakob/archive/2015/12/07/this-blog-is-moving.aspx that refer to tools stored on codePlex http://gwbtowp.codeplex.com/  (now it’s moved to https://github.com/MrHinsh/gwb-to-wordpress)
I downloaded the code  and had to fix a few errors, related to my data. Also I wanted to move my articles that in GeeksWithBlogs are stored separately from normal posts.The final code changes I’ve published at github fork https://github.com/MNF/gwb-to-wordpress.
I expected that import to WordPress will be straightforward.I found a few articles about  import plugins, e.g. http://nixmash.com/on-wordpress/importing-a-big-honkin-blogml-xml-file-into-wordpress/, but then realized that custom plugins not supported in Wordpress.com.
blogmigrator has less steps to do, and I tried it first. Also I have to do some changes to improve error handling(the changes are incorporated in https://github.com/Dillie-O/blogmigrator) and finally I’ve got my blog imported. But comments were not included. I checked the code and found that comments were not supported in interface that the tool is using.
BlogML.Helper supported comments, but due to bug only one comment per post. I fixed the bug as well as insufficient error logging and finally was able to import my blog to WordPress.
Thanks to the developers who shared their code to help me to finish this work.
By the way import to WordPress also has a few problems, that I had to report to support forum, but they were either resolved or had some workarounds.


I moved my blog from GeeksWithBlogs

This is my first post at WordPress. I  had a http://geekswithblogs.net/mnf/ blog at GeeksWithBlogs for 10 years. But recently I had a big concern, that  GeeksWithBlogs site is not supported at all. The support does not reply to emails, Twitter messages and reports on the support forum.  I will not be surprised, if the GWB site will suddenly shutdown without any warning.

I did a research to find  a blogging platform, and WordPress was recommended in most places. It was a big work to migrate the blog, because there is no out of the box tools ( The  code that I was using is located on https://github.com/MNF/gwb-to-wordpress ).

Now I am thinking how can I achieve the traffic and search engine ranking, that I had in GeeksWithBlogs.


How to set iOS Pocket to open in Web View.

I prefer to open pages in Web View, because Article View often doesn’t show text (in particular source code) properly.
However option “Open Best View” usually opens Article View and I needed to change it manually.
Pocket support provided me with solution
          To force the app to open all the articles in web view in your iPad you can follow these steps:
  1. Tap the Profile option
  2. Tap Settings, in the top right corner
  3. Under the headline Offline Downloading, disable “Download Best View”, “Always Fetch Article”
  4. Enable “Always Fetch Web View”
However it will be easier for user to have in settings section “select view” with options Web, Article,View.
Also if Pocket would have support forums, they will not need to repeat the same answer for other users and I would not create this post.

Apple to create Feedback Forum.

Recently I’ve submitted a few suggestions to iTunes support forum. But I was informed, that for suggestions I have to use http://www.apple.com/feedback/itunesapp.html form.
I feel slightly uncomfortable, that I can’t check later, what I submitted. 

So I proposed to Apple to create Feedback Forum.


 It will be good to have a forum for feedback similar to what you have for support.
 1.It will allow me as a customer  to check what I suggested and edit/append new considerations. 
 2.It will allow othe customers to read my suggestions and vote if they like/ dislike the idea, as well as add more details to the idea.
 3.It will allow you to provide information about status the idea, is it accepted and when it will be implemented.

Case insensitive StringHelper.EnsureEndsWith

I’ve created an extension  method for string 
public static string EnsureEndsWith(this string str,string sEndValue,bool ignoreCase=true)
            if (!str.EndsWith(sEndValue, ignoreCase, CultureInfo.InvariantCulture))
                str = str + sEndValue;
            return str;

I stopped to use GoogleDrive in favor to EverNote.

For a long time I’ve used Google Docs to write different notes, collect links for search and drafts of my posts.

Later on IPad I’ve started to use EverNote. The main advantage for me was that EverNote allows to create new notes when offline and even for normal account usually allow access existing notes (but sometimes telling that a note is not available). And since EverNote implemented auto save on IPad, I stopped using Google Drive. I am able to use EverNote Desktop on home and work PCs, from different browsers, from IPad and Windows Phone.

Additional very convenient tool on IPad is EverClip ( http://clip.ignition.hk/?locale=en&utm_source=homepage ), that copies text together with the URL(from Browser page) to notes. I am missing similar facility in PC browsers.

Yesterday I’ve copied one of my old documents to Evernote and found, that links in the document are broken and cause error like the following:

404. That’s an error.
The requested URL /http%3A%2F%2Fstackoverflow.com%2Fquestions%2F3110456%2Fpostsharp-build-targets-not-running-when-using-debug-configuration was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

So Google Drive stores URL in encoded format, which making harder to copy texts with links. It’s easy to fix, but annoying. Hopefully I would not need to copy many files from Google Drive.v