FetchRemote function to work with git in Powershell

I have a useful method to create a remote git alias, if not exists,  and fetch data. I used it in Powershell scripts to operate with git remote branches:

function FetchRemote( $remoteAlias, $remoteRepository, $remoteBranch)
$aliasFound= & git remote | out-string -stream | select-string $remoteAlias
git remote add -f -t $remoteBranch –no-tags $remoteAlias $remoteRepository
git fetch $remoteAlias

bad revision ‘rm’ error, when using git filter-branch –index-filter if called from batch file

I was trying to move a few directories from one repository to another and answer http://stackoverflow.com/a/17867910/52277 suggests to use

    git filter-branch –index-filter ‘git rm –cached -qr –ignore-unmatch — . && git reset -q $GIT_COMMIT — apps/AAA libs/XXX’ –prune-empty — –all
I’ve put the command into batch file and got the error
> fatal: bad revision ‘rm’
The same error happened for an example from git documentation https://git-scm.com/docs/git-filter-branch
    git filter-branch –index-filter ‘git rm –cached –ignore-unmatch — buildMaster.bat’ HEAD
However when I was running the command in git bash, it didn’t  show any error and worked successfully.

It was acceptable for me. But I am still curious why including inside .bat cause an error with unclear message

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RegEx for credit-card-numbers with spaces/dash delimiters

I’ve used regular expressions from http://www.richardsramblings.com/regex/credit-card-numbers/ that supports delimiters spaces/dashes, e.g. “3714-496353-98431” or “3714 496353 98431”. (by the way I’ve added Diner’s Club pattern  ((?:30[0-59]|(?:(?:36|38|39)[0-9]))[0-9]{11}) even they are obsolete now)
Unfortunately they use backreferences \1 in individual credit card matches, which doesn’t work if I use alternatives (Visa)|(Master)|(Amex).
I replaced numbered capturing groups with named capturing groups http://www.regular-expressions.info/named.html .
Javascript and .Net format for named groups are different. I’ve done initially using ?P syntax
(?<!\d)(?:(4\d{3}((?P[\ \-]?)(?:\d{4}(?P=DelimVI)){2}\d(?:\d{3})?)|(5([1-5]\d{2})(?P[\ \-]?)\d{4}(?P=DelimMC)\d{4}(?P=DelimMC)\d{4})|(3[47]\d\d(?P[\ \-]?)\d{6}(?P=DelimAX))\d{5}))(?!\d)
and then had to translate to .Net syntax
(?<!\d)(?:(4\d{3}(?’DelimVI'[\ \-]?)(?:\d{4}\k’DelimVI’){2}\d(?:\d{3})?)|(5([1-5]\d{2})(?’DelimMC'[\ \-]?)\d{4}\k’DelimMC’\d{4}\k’DelimMC’\d{4})|(3[47]\d\d(?’DelimAX’)[\ \-]?)\d{6}\k’DelimAX’\d{5}))(?!\d)
I’ve tested Javascript syntax in RegEx101 (see https://regex101.com/r/dX5zJ4/3), but for .Net I had to use http://regexstorm.net/tester and they are not comparable-RegEx101 is significantly user friendlier.

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DDL ‘IF not Exists” conditions to make SQL scripts re-runnable


As a part of continuous integration we are using deployment of database scripts, which makes very important to make the scripts re-runnable. Some checks for DDL elements are not obvious, and I decided to put hem in one place.Most answers were found on StackOverflow


Column does not exists
if NOT Exists(select * from sys.columns where Name = N’CreatedDate’ and Object_ID = Object_ID(N’MyTableName‘))

Check if primary key does not exists

Check if foreign key does not exists
or (from here)
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT name FROM sys.foreign_keys WHERE name = ‘FK_Name’)

Check if DEFAULT does not exist
if NOT Exists(select * from sysobjects where xtype=’D’ and NAME=’DF_MyTableName_MyColumnName’)

Check if an INDEX doesn’t exist
–from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2689766/how-do-you-check-if-a-certain-index-exists-in-a-table
IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys .indexes WHERE name = ‘_index_MyTableName_MyColumnName_MyColumn2 AND object_id = OBJECT_ID(MyTableName ))
CREATE NONCLUSTERED INDEX [_index_MyTableName_MyColumnName_MyColumn2] ON [dbo].[MyTableName]
        MyColumnName ASC ,
       MyColumn2 DESC

Check if STATISTICS name doesn’t exist
IF NOT EXISTS(SELECT name  FROM sys .stats WHERE name = ‘_dta_stat_MyTableName_MyColumn1_MyColumn2 AND object_id = OBJECT_ID(MyTableName ))
CREATE STATISTICS _dta_stat_MyTableName_PDFAttachmentName_MailID_DateCreated ON [dbo].[MyTableName] (MyColumn1,MyColumn2)

IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.objects WHERE type = 'P' AND name = 'MyProc') exec('CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[MyProc] AS select 1')
--body of your SP


 Check if VIEW doesn’t exist
From Books Online: “CREATE VIEW must be the first statement in a query batch.”
IF NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.views WHERE object_id = OBJECT_ID(N'[dbo].[MyView]’ ))
exec(‘ create view MyView AS select 1′)
Alter VIEW [dbo]. [MyView]


IdentityServer OpenID Connect Flows: Relationship between Response Types and Grant Types

Openid Connect determine a few flows ( e.g. see scottbrady91 Flow Comparison  and which-openid-connect flow-is-the-right-one )

 In IdentityServer Client description you specify grant type (i.e. flow)( e.g. AllowedGrantTypes = GrantTypes.HybridAndClientCredentials )

You also specify one or more response types in OpenIdConnectOptions.ResponseType (e.g. ResponseType = “code id_token token”)

If you mismatch them, you will get error like.

[Error] Invalid grant type for client: implicit \”ResponseType\”: \”id_token token\”

The relationship is not obvious, it’s partially discussed in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29275477/openidconnect-response-type-confusion.

To understand the possible relationships between Response Types and Grant Types see IdentityServer4Constants.cs


            { OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.Code, GrantType.AuthorizationCode },

            { OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.Token, GrantType.Implicit },

            { OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.IdToken, GrantType.Implicit },

            { OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.IdTokenToken, GrantType.Implicit },

            { OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.CodeIdToken, GrantType.Hybrid },

            { OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.CodeToken, GrantType.Hybrid },

            { OidcConstants.ResponseTypes.CodeIdTokenToken, GrantType.Hybrid }

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Pocket Favorites are not available when you off-line

I am using Pocket(previously known as Read It Later) and sometimes sent to support my suggestions.
Unfortunately they do not have convenient support forums(or uservoice sites), so I post my suggestions here to have them visible:

IPad Pocket Favorites are not available when you off-line. It shows message similar to Archives. For Archives it makes sense, but why favorites have this limitation?
Could you please allow to access Favorites list off-line.

The support person agreed that including the Favorites would be great approach to improving upon this feature.

He also ask to submit the request officially here: http://pocket.co/soPybA This helps the team prioritize most requested features we receive.

I don’t understand why email to support is not considered as official request. Anyway everyone who wants to suggest something to Pocket, should fill the boring form

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Visual Studio 15 build Task could not find “sgen.exe”

On new Windows 10 machine with Visual Studio 2015 installed when I tried to build my solution from batch file, I’ve got an error

c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Microsoft.Common.targets(2769,5): error MSB3086: Task could not find “s
gen.exe” using the SdkToolsPath “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\Bin\NETFX 4.0 Tools\” or the regis
try key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v8.0A\WinSDK-NetFx40Tools-x86”. Make sure the Sdk
ToolsPath is set and the tool exists in the correct processor specific location under the SdkToolsPath and that the Mic
rosoft Windows SDK is installed

suggested to Install Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework AKA v7.1.

But I’ve got error: Windows SDK Setup
Some Windows SDK components require the RTM .NET Framework 4. Setup detected a pre-release version of the .NET Framework 4. If you continue with Setup, these components will not be installed. If you want to install these components, click Cancel, then install the .NET Framework 4 from http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=187668 and then rerun Setup.
The message is misleading, because I have .net framework 4.6, but I Tried to install the .NET Framework 4 from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=17851
I’ve got expected message:
Same or higher version of .NET Framework 4 has already been installed on this computer

I’ve tried different suggestions trying to change path and properties in Microsoft.Common.targets, but finally gave up and

Copy sgen.exe, al.exe and al.exe.config from C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v10.0A\bin\NETFX 4.6 Tools\
to C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.0A\Bin\NETFX 4.0 Tools\

as suggested at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4923131/task-could-not-find-al-exe-using-the-sdktoolspath

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