How I moved my blog from GeeksWithBlogs to WordPress.

When I decided to move my blog, I didn’t expect that it will require such effort. I found a post that refer to tools stored on codePlex  (now it’s moved to
I downloaded the code  and had to fix a few errors, related to my data. Also I wanted to move my articles that in GeeksWithBlogs are stored separately from normal posts.The final code changes I’ve published at github fork
I expected that import to WordPress will be straightforward.I found a few articles about  import plugins, e.g., but then realized that custom plugins not supported in
blogmigrator has less steps to do, and I tried it first. Also I have to do some changes to improve error handling(the changes are incorporated in and finally I’ve got my blog imported. But comments were not included. I checked the code and found that comments were not supported in interface that the tool is using.
BlogML.Helper supported comments, but due to bug only one comment per post. I fixed the bug as well as insufficient error logging and finally was able to import my blog to WordPress.
Thanks to the developers who shared their code to help me to finish this work.
By the way import to WordPress also has a few problems, that I had to report to support forum, but they were either resolved or had some workarounds.