I moved my blog from GeeksWithBlogs

This is my first post at WordPress. I  had a http://geekswithblogs.net/mnf/ blog at GeeksWithBlogs for 10 years. But recently I had a big concern, that  GeeksWithBlogs site is not supported at all. The support does not reply to emails, Twitter messages and reports on the support forum.  I will not be surprised, if the GWB site will suddenly shutdown without any warning.

I did a research to find  a blogging platform, and WordPress was recommended in most places. It was a big work to migrate the blog, because there is no out of the box tools ( The  code that I was using is located on https://github.com/MNF/gwb-to-wordpress ).

Now I am thinking how can I achieve the traffic and search engine ranking, that I had in GeeksWithBlogs.