Stash, Pull, Stash Apply as one git command

I noticed that I often do the same sequence of git commands.
notepad ~/.gitconfig
and add
spa = !git stash && git pull && git stash apply
Then execute
git spa

Original Post:

With a help of an answer
I’ve created .bashrc with command
notepad ~/.bashrc
and added the following
StashPullApply() {

git stash

git pull

git stash apply

Now I can use just the name in git bash
 Comment from  Daniel Laughland pointed me to alternative methods to do it with pull rebase

Powershell ISE missing features

I’ve recently did some work with PowerShell ISE and missed a few features,that I wish to have in the ISE.
1.It will be good to Stop debugger(Shift-F5) icon on toolbar
2.In the popup
Windows PowerShell ISE
You cannot edit any script files in Windows PowerShell ISE while the debugger is running. To edit a script, stop the debugger.
it will be good to add button to stop debugger.
  1. When stopped at breakpoint, Run Script(F5) button is disabled, when it’s actually allowed.
  1. May be more complicate, but it will be nice to add an ability to change current position in debugger (Shift F10 in Visual Studio)
  2.  Find does the search only in only one direction; it should, if not found down, continue to search from the top.
  3. Ability to make block comments
Just before writing this post I found article about looking very useful add-on
but I didn’t have a chance to try it yet.