Batch file that required administrative privileges.

I wanted to call from batch file powershell script that required administrative privileges.
I needed to check, if it was started as Administrator and also set current directory where the batch is located.
Thanks to couple of stackoverflow questions I’ve got this batch
@echo off
goto check_Permissions
powershell &:: TODO the script to call
goto end
    net session >nul 2>&1
    if %errorLevel% == 0 (
        @rem echo Success: Administrative permissions confirmed.
          goto process
    ) else (
        echo Administrative permissions required.
    pause >nul

PowerShell function to delete if exist and create empty folder

In our PowerShell scripts for different folder it’s required to delete if exist and create empty folder. To avoid to repeat folder name in three commands I’ve created a function

function DeleteIfExistsAndCreateEmptyFolder($dir )
      if ( Test-Path $dir ) {
               Get-ChildItem -Path  $dir -Force -Recurse | Remove-Item -force -recurse
               Remove-Item $dir -Force


    New-Item -ItemType Directory -Force -Path $dir
I’ve also used this function in  answer for SuperUser question How can I copy a directory, overwriting its contents if it exists using Powershell?

Pocket on IPad: Ability to rename articles is still missing

I haven’t used Pocket  on IPad for the last 2 years and was shocked that the ability to rename articles is still missing. 

It was available in Read It Later and was one of the biggest issues after Pocket forcibly replaced it.
Four years later they acknowledged that it is one of the top requests but nothing is currently planned. 
It’s just ridiculous. 
Previously I’ve already wrote about problems with Pocket software 

Read CSV files with multiple lines

I needed to read CSV files with columns, containing strings in double quotes. The problem was that there were new lines within the column. Fortunately I found the article that reads the strings with multiple lines 
Another article that I considered ,but haven’t used is

Tiny MCE editor in ASP.Net Web Form

I wanted to implement rich text editor in ASP.Net Web Form. I found that Tiny MCE editor is very popular and selected it.