VAB ValidationResults Extensions

We’ve started to actively used Microsoft Enterprise Library Validation Enterprise Block ( VAB)  and I was surprised , that a few commonly used  operations are not supplied(or I haven’t found them) out of the box.
See two extensions, that make use of VAB simpler

public static class ValidationResultsExtensions
               public static string CombinedMessage( this ValidationResults results)
                      string errorMessage = ( from res in results select String.Format( {0}:{1} , res.Key, res.Message)).ToDelimitedString( “;”);
                      return errorMessage;
//Throws ValidationException if not valid
           public static void ValidateConstraints<T>( this T target)
               Validator validator = ValidationFactory.CreateValidator<T>();
               var results = new ValidationResults();
               validator.Validate(target, results);
               if (results.IsValid == false)
                   var errorMessage = results.CombinedMessage();
                   throw new ValidationException(errorMessage);