Eager Loading more than 1 table in LinqtoSql

When I’ve tried in Linq2Sql to load table with 2 child tables, I’ve noticed, that multiple SQLs are generated. I’ve found that  it is
a known issue, if you try to specify more than one to pre-load it just  picks which one to pre-load and which others to leave deferred (simply ignoring those LoadWith hints)
There are more explanations in 
The reason the relationship in your blog post above is generating multiple queries is that you have two (1:n) relationship (Customers->Orders) and (Orders->OrderDetails). If you just had one (1:n) relationship (Customer->Orders) or (Orders->OrderDetails) LINQ to SQL would optimize and grab it in one query (using a JOIN). 

The alternative -to use SQL and POCO classes-see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/238504/linq-to-sql-loading-child-entities-without-using-dataloadoptions?rq=1

Fortunately the problem is not applicable to Entity Framework, that we want to use in future development instead of Linq2Sql
Product firstProduct =  db.Product.Include("OrderDetail").Include("Supplier").First();