Log JavaScript errors to the server.

Some time ago I found debugging – Automatic feedback on JavaScript error – Stack Overflow.  
and the discussion has  links to
Logging JavaScript Errors To ASP.NET(Unfortunately the link to download in the post is broken).
and custom control to help log JavaScript errors by sending error information to the server –thecodepage.com/post/JavaScript-Error-Notifications.aspx.
I’ve downloaded solution from  JSErrorNotifier.zip. When I wanted to include dll into my solution dependencies,  I decided to rename WebControls.DLL to more descriptive JSErrorNotifier.DLL.
I also decided to rename default namespace to be the same as DLL name.
It wasn’t a good idea, because control stopped to work. It took me some time and I had to call  StreamHelper.EnsureWebResourceValid function from my old post Check that embedded resource exist before calling ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptResource or GetWebResourceUrl
to do all consistent changes for namespace renaming.

Finally when I made control working again, I found that it doesn’t work in IE 9. After another half an hour of debugging I found that for my IE9 onerror event is not fired even for example from MS documentation
It worked on other browsers and on IE8, but on IE9 you need to disable script debugging in Internet Explorer (Tools, Internet Options, Advanced). The  same happens if IE9 changed to IE7 or IE8 mode.(Actually I’ve noticed that Developer Tools Browser mode IE7 or IE8 do not emulate correctly native script engine of older IE versions)

However native IE8 on XP fires onerror regardless if debugging is enabled or disabled.

I hope that not too many IE9 users with enabled debugging will have  JS errors in our application.