Comment in JavaScript code doesn’t comment the server command

 Comment in JS code doesn’t comment the server command. It is correct, but can be visually confusing. I had the following line in markup ASCX file. 

// var trs = document.getElementById(‘<%=pnlOutsideSearch.ClientID %>’).getElementsByTagName(‘TR’);

Visual Studio showed it as green comment.
However when server control pnlOutsideSearch was renamed, the errors were generated, and it took me some time to realize, what wrong with the line, tha it was look like just comment.

Refer to Activity from workflow in the same project.

I have a project with a few workflows. I  created a custom activity and I’ve added it to the same project.
But then I found that I am not able to insert/drag it to my workflow.
The only solution, that I found, was to create a separate Activity Library, move my custom activity to the library, and add a reference to the library from Workflow Project. 
It looks like that you unable to Refer to Activity from workflow in the same project.


Command prompt utility to copy files for specified time range

 I’ve tried to find an utility that will allow to copy files from big folder for specified time range.
 The  discussion in experts-exchange suggested to use RoboCopy
Robocopy FolderFrom FolderTo /MINAGE:20091125 /MAXAGE:20091124
Note that for 1 day selection  MINAGE should be one day BIGGER than required date.
I still wish to find utility that will allow to specify time, rather than full date.
The same discussion has batch file example, that possibly can be used to filter time as well.