Remoting asyncronous call to fire and forget

I want to do .Net Remoting asyncronous call with “fire and forget” approach.
MSDN statement in OneWayAttribute Class documentation is not clear “The method can execute synchronously or asynchronously with respect to the caller.”  
Thanks to manish godse’s blog : OneWay messages in remoting post: invoking a method with [OneWay] attribute the client will not wait for a response and the call will return immediately. In essence the call gets converted to an async call and the client doesnt wait for a server response. The async behaviour for [OneWay] messages is true, when you are invoking a method on a remoting proxy. Invoking the same method on a regular object will be called synchronously like any other method.
Similar explanation is in Using OneWayAttribute for Remote Calls article.
In a summury, to call a Remoting method asyncronously to “fire and forget”, you need to mark a method on your remote INTERFACE with OneWayAttribute.
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