Using delicious to mark links “To follow-up”

I am using delicious to save bookmarks with tags, that describe the type of link(e.g. ASP.NET,AJAX etc), but not so often to find my own bookmarks.
However often I want to make a note for particuler page, that I need to return back  to read, print,copy code etc.

For a long time I’ve used iGoogle gadget “TO-DO list” to save URLs to follow up, but it is not really convinient for URLs, and also required to save the URLs in 2 places.

Recently I’ve got an idea, that I can have extra delicious tag/tags like “ToDo” or “ToPrint”. 
Then I’ve added iGoogle gadget Bookmarks filtered by my “ToDo” tag to my  Google homepage.
It works quite well.
When I finish what I wanted to do, I am just removing “ToDo” tag from the stored link.
Ideally I want to see Bookmarks gadget to have an additional abilty to open delicious bookmark instead of the linked article,