Developers should avoid smart-quotes in Word

We had a Word document, describing steps, based on MSDN instructions Use the Windows Workflow Tracking Service
I desided to create batch file createWorkflowTrackingDB.bat to create Database:

@echo Change name of Database server if required
@echo press control-Z to stop batch
sqlcmd -S localhost -E -Q “create database WorkflowTracking”
cd “C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv3.0Windows Workflow FoundationSQLEN”
sqlcmd -S localhost -E -d WorkflowTracking -i Tracking_Schema.sql
sqlcmd -S localhost -E -d WorkflowTracking -i Tracking_Logic.sql
@echo Ensure that application account has tracking_reader and tracking_writer roles

But it was failing on the line
     sqlcmd -S localhost -E -Q “create database WorkflowTracking”.
It took me a while to recognize, that MS Word replaced double-quotes with smart-quotes , and sqlcmd didn’t like it.