Understand Project dependency Hierarchy in VS solution

I have a huge VS solution(with more than 60 projects) and for some projects order of references is not obvious.

If you do not understand the hierarchy,you will get circular dependency“:Adding this project as a reference would cause a circular dependency.”
Unfortunately, Visual Studio doesn’t create diagram to show projects hierarchy. 
Open Source Project dependency graph generator didn’t help me, because it created only 2 levels of hierarchy for my huge solution. Also for project with . in the name(e.g. MyCompany.DataLayer.MyProject.csproj) it draw each part of the name as separate white box.

 The useful thing is  that the utility creates dep.txt, that can be used as a reference to understand depenancies, which can be quicker than view References of each project in VS.
I found 2 codeplex projects Dependency Visualizer  and  Dependency Finder , that I haven’t explore yet.
File dependency analysis  also addressed by commercial Project Analyzer product., but it doesn’t have evaluation version.