RadioButton with Image instead of text

I want to have RadioButton with Image instead of text, that clicking on image the check-box will be selected
In the thread it is shown Radio button (without any text) and image on it’s side.(but not inside radio-button)
<asp:RadioButton ID=”RadioButton2″ runat=”server” GroupName=”A1″
/><asp:image runat=”server” id=”Image2″ /><br />
Radiobuttonlist Image Setting thread  suggests to use code
RadioButtonList1.Items.Add(New ListItem(“<img src=””” + s + “””/>”, s))

It will be useful (TODO) to create derided from RadioButton control- RadioButtonWithImage, similar to what I’ve done previously : ASP.NET custom control HyperLinkWithImage and ASP.NET custom control CheckBoxWithImage

There is somehow related post and thread about creating custom control based on RadioButtonList.