Remove empty lines in text using Visual Studio.

Visual Studio has ability to delete empty lines in replace operation using regular expressions.
1.Click Ctrl-H (quick replace)
2. Tick “Use Regular Expressions”
3. In Find specify ^$n
4. In Replace box delete everything.
5 Click “Replace All”
All empty lines will be deleted.

 Regular expression for empty line consist of   

Beginning of line ^



End of line $


Line break n


Note that normally in Windows an end of line  indicated by 2 characters CRLF – Carriage Return (CR, ASCII 13, r) Line Feed (LF, ASCII 10, n).

Addition from  Kenneth at 6/18/2009:
A regex to remove blank lines that are/aren’t *really* blank (i.e. they do/don’t have spaces):   ^:b*$n

Addition from   Igor  at 8/5/2011:

To remove double lines:  ^:b*n:b*n replace with:  n


To delete  rows with
single comma

3. In Find specify ^,$n


For similar requirement to remove comma at the end of lines in text, do the following steps.

1.Click Ctrl-H (quick replace)
2. Tick “Use Regular Expressions”
 In Find specify ,r?n.
4. In Replace box type n

5 Click “Replace All”