DateTime value in DataSet changed over remoting boundaries.

We are using .Net remoting(.Net framework 2.0) to pass DataSet from application server to web server.
It was noticed that if DateTime field in DataSet has ‘2008-10-26 02am” value, during remoting it is changed to ‘2008-10-26 03am“.
I beleive that it is somehow relates to Daylight Saving time change. We didn’t noticed any changes for other DateTime values.
According to  Western Australia (Perth)  has time change 26-Oct, 02:00h.
However the servers with the problem noticed are located in Melbourne and Sydney, that have different date for Daylight Saving time change.(See also
Furthermore my development machine doesn’t have this problem -‘2008-10-26 02am” is transferred unchanged.
We haven’t found any essential differences in settings between machines that have the problem and my deveopment machine. It may be related to some MS hotfix update(??). However other machines with and without .Net framework 2 SP1 have the same problem.
Update: Reader of my post asked how to send DateTime values in a DataSet with DayLight saving considerration, but then pointed that .Net 2.0 and greater has ability to specify DataSetDateTime.Unspecified  enum value(“Serialization in this mode does not cause an offset”)  in DataColumn.DateTimeMode Property. It will make DateTime values in a dataset predictable regardless of server local time settings.
Also note that in .Net 3.5 there is TimeZoneInfo Class that suppose to help with cross-zone issues.