Watin Test Recorder helps to navigate to required for debugging page.

It is quite common, that  a developer needs to do a few (sometimes time-consuming) steps to navigate to the pages that are required debugging. And if you do some non-trivial change, Edit&Continue doesn’t work, and you have to start debugging again.
Yes, I know, that small unit tests should cover all the code paths and make debugging redundant. Unfortunately in the real life debugging is sometimes unavoidable.

 Watin Test Recorder    allows to record the navigation steps and save it as a console executable(or Windows forms test harness).
Then run the executable, and Watin script will fill all the forms and navigate through multiple pages. You can just set breakpoints in your ASP.NET application and wait until your code will be reached.
I want to confirm that v1.0 of  Watin Test Recorder  is quite stable and produce workable scripts(Beta versions didn’t do the job well).