My EntitySpaces notes

I have a few blog posts about EntitySpaces(started from this one) , as well as my posts on their forums. I want to put them together in this article as well as the links, that I consider useful.

If you need to change name of database in config, it is recommended , when generating Business Entities, in Advanced tab to set tick to Metadata Class Should  Ignore Catalog.  

To implement join for multiple tables it is suggested to create a view that brings  joined tables. They will support  joins in a future version.
There are useful EntitySpaces Query API and Query API Samples.

Filling an EsCollection out of an ordinary DataTable not supported,but you can try

    public bool CustomPopulate(DataTable dt )

this.Table = dt;
this.PopulateCollection();//protected method
To Clone EntitySpaces entities - the thread suggests binary serialisation(seems not always working?) and column by column copy.
Paging and Sorting on Sql 2000 using esDataSource
The ASP.NET demo source can be downloaded using Trial version and solution GridLoader.sln located under GridLoadersASP.NETC#GridLoader folder
See also EntitySpaces DotNetNuke ASCX Admin Grid Template Suite Released
  EntitySpaces and LINQ and LINQ to SQL-Aug 2007 thread .

ASP.NET MVC Northwind Demo using Entity Spaces