Ways to store bookmarks/favorites.

When I have a new task/project, it is often required to research existing solutions on internet.
Usually I do a Google search, open a few links, quickly browse them and want to save urls for future references.
The simple and convenient way is in IE create favorites subfolder for the project and save URLs as favorite.
However it has two disadvantages- 1. Favorites are stored locally on the computer and not easily shared between home and office or with collegues/friends. 2. You can’t add extra notes for the link.
There is a web FURL tool to create shared/private favorites, but UI is not user-friendly enough.
Update: I am using http://del.icio.us/mfreidge and it is acceptable, but not as simple as IE favorites  and not as flexible , as your own document with links and free format comments.(See also similar link-sharing  sites like DZone )
The best approach that I found is to create a Word document, copy and paste links that I consider interesting and add extra notes or group links as you wish.
Alternatively I am using Gmail drafts or Google documents to create the post, that is accessable from different computers and has autosave facility.
When finish the first draft, post it to blog and then it will be available for myself from other locations, as well as for others who is interested in the same topic. The examples of such notes are my posts My notes about MyGeneration Templates, Links for Code Generator/ and O/R mappers for ASP.NET application , Schedule/Calendar Asp.NET controls with Source Code,  ASP.Net Ajax UpdatePanel links.
I’ve noticed that Google recently added “Note this”(Notebook link to their search results, that looks quite good, but I didn’t use it yet.