Using SubText for blogging in

Recently I’ve  noticed,that a format of my blog has been changed.

It is good that moved to the modern version, but why the owners didn’t send a warning/notice e-mail to their users?

It is not easy to find satisfactory skin. In an old version I preferred gertrude-blue.css, because it showed content on the left side, making it printer-friendly.  Subtext Default Skins has previews for some skins, but I had to experiment myself by changing skin and view results.

 After the change to SubText my default skin was AnotherEON001, that has Print option (it is good), but doesn’t highlight links well and is quite narrow – I prefer to have width=100% of the browser window).

I’ve tried a few other skins and decided that NAKED is acceptable(also slightly messy),but now I’ve noticed that feedback comments box  is too small and e-mail box  doesn’t show important note “never displayed”.
I’ve experimented with others skins and found a few issues:

 KeyWest looks quite nice, but “links hover” hides the text.

Pyio-has menu and ads on right, but still too narrow.

A few skins keep menu and ads at the top or even at the bottom, which looks very odd(I don’t mind if ads will be at the bottom, butI want to have menu on the right)

I like Cogitation, but again:”Could menu be moved to the right side of the page? ” and have Print button visible.
And if categories will be shown (as in naked), the skin will be perfect.
I will ask if they can create thenew skin.

Also I’ve noticed couple things:

1. “Home” lists the posts in order by the time of last modification,,not by the time of creation.
So if I would update some old post , it will be shown first on the home page. I prefer to see articles in the creation order.

2. Statistics summary shows only new Comments as comments and all old comments as Trackbacks 
( blog has only 4 comments, which is wrong)

Actually it is amaizing,that I’ve read Phil Haack‘s blog quite often and found his posts very useful, and now I am using his product.

I noticed one more feature that exist in Naked and missed in most other skins:Edit icon to edit the post. Edit icon  is shown on HomePage, but not on individual post view.

And other bugs/issues I’ve found with the Subtext.
1. E-mail box in feedback comments is now mandatory field. Jeff Julian answed that it is done against spam. But for spammers it is easy to supply And some people want to leave a comment, but do not want to disclose their e-mail address. Personally I prefer to leave my blog contact instead of my e-mail address.

2. I am unable to remove comment from Feedback list of my post.  I see Remove Comment 112139 on the page. When I click the link, confirmation alert appears. I answer ‘Yes’ to delete the comment, but nothing happened. It seems the same bug, as it was in Text.
I hoped that I would be able to delete it from Admin Feedback page,but the comments are not in order and it is hard to find the comment that I want to delete. In Text comments on Admin Feedback page were ordered by Date descending which was convinient.

Another UPDATE: I’ve noticed  today, that my Admin/Feedback.aspx  shows the same records regardless of the page number selected (comments from 3/16/07 3:35A to 3/9/07 2:08A).
Also these comments are not the latest.

If I select “Show Only Comments ” or “Show Only PingTrack ” it shows different records,but also they stay the same regardless of page number selected.

I am not sure is it a bug on or in SubText?

Skin UPDATE:I’ve used Cogitation for a few months, but recently found(thanks to Tim Hibbard‘s blog) that Piyo has option to switch from Fixed to Elastic layout. So now I am using Piyo skin.