CQL to RPN mapping file pqf.properties changes to support different servers

I have a z39.50 client, that uses CQL language and YAZ to communicate to Z39.50 server. Yaz distribution includes  etc/pqf.properties CQL to RPN mapping file, that I’ve used satisfactory without changes.
However one of the servers, that I wanted  to search, returned 0 to any query in CQL.
Some debugging showed that the server  doesn’t support BIB-1 COMPLETENESS ATTRIBUTES  (TYPE = 6) and any query, that included @attr 6, retuned 0. Additionally they didn’t understand support attribute 1=1016 (any).
I had to modify a few lines in
pqf.properties to work with the server.

# MNF 16/3/2007 replaced serverChoice,
index.cql.serverChoice                          = 2=3

# index.cql.serverChoice                                   = 1=1016

# MNF 16/3/2007 excluded 6=1
# position.any    = 3=3 6=1
position.any    = 3=3

# MNF 16/3/2007 excluded always
# always     = 6=1
# 6=1: completeness = incomplete subfield

The Z39.50 server  is based on the TeraText Database System, that, as I’ve been informed, doesn’t support bib-1 completeness.