Parser Error Message: Access to the path is denied. caused by SourceSafe merge.

I’ve used Visual SourceSafe Merge method to merge changes from different brunches of the ASP.NET site project. VSS created merged file, as well as renamed original file with .org extension.
(By the way, it is not widely known, that VSS creates a backup copy of the original file filename.ext.ORG, that can be used to restore file, if merge unsucceded by some reason).

However when I started to run the ASP.NET application in IIS, it caused “Access to the path” errors, e.g.

Parser Error Message: Access to the path ‘C:ProjectsFuncSolnFSDNNDefault.aspx.vb’ is denied.

I found that merged files  have in security properties the Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here check box cleared.

And I had to manually change back to Inherit permission entries for Network Service account for each file that was merged.
It looks (I didn’t try ) that SetACL utility can propagate of inherited permissions to all files and subfolders.

Site Note: I have to use Web Site Project(because I wasn’t able to convert DNN to WAP) and all files with .ORG extension are considered as content and copied to published web site. We don’t distribute source code, so it is not desirable. It is recommended to manually delete all .ORG files after the merge was completed.