Code Generator for ASP.NET application

I had a requirement to find Code Generator that will help to port existing quite big fat client application to ASP.NET and to support multiple databases.


The site provides quite a big list of applications that claims to do this.


I also was pointed by Paul Wilson’s  posts (How do you decide what features to add or cut?, Debate: O/R Mapping or Code Generation  and others) that Dynamic SQLs in O/R mappers allow to avoid hundreds of CRUD stored procedures and DAL classes.
Unfortunately, most of O/R Mapper tool have nothing with web site generation. And most of ASP.Net generators do not use dynamic SQL, but generate stored procedures.
Only two products seem to do both: TierDeveloper–Alachisoft and EntitySpaces.
After downloading TierDeveloper I understood that they generate static parameterized SQL, not using O/R
engine generates queries at runtime. Also tehASP.NET pages they generated are quite messy.

The demo version of EntitySpaces Template Suite for ASP.NET looks very good, and they also have DNN templates, which is important for my development.


So it seems that EntitySpaces is the best choice for my project. (Touch the wood, 2 years ago I choose VBExpress generator and I am not much happy with that my choise).

You can see my draft research document with links and notes that I’ve used for this research.