Google API returns: Exception from service object: For input string

In Google uses <xsd:element
name=”estimatedTotalResultsCount” type=”xsd:int” />  which is  32-bit
signed integer ( according to Datatype
Reference( and
expected to be less than 2,147,483,647.
However recently Google increase number of pages counted,  e.g  it
returns about 3,120,000,000 for for word “message”, which exceeded the
The value should be changed to xsd:long. Unfortunately it will break interface and client proxies will need to be rebuild against new WSDL. 
According to the
Google’s aware of the problem.
They have a quick a simple option just to reduce the value to return to fit 32bit (who cares if it will not be accurate for such big numbers). 

As a workaround  I am going to catch exception and if an error is like “Exception from service object: For input string: “3630000000”  re-post a query with allintitle:” at the front of your query.  <xsd:element