Access 2003 Package Wizard – a big step BACK.

I am supporting Access XP(2002) Project application and recently found problems with SourceSafe 2005.

Because I’ve got a new machine, I decided to install the latest Access 2003. The ADP file was retrieved from SourceSafe and I didn’t have any major problems with upgrading.

However when I wanted to create Setup Project, I found that the old MOD 2002 Packaging Wizard is not available any more, but a new Access 2003 Developere Extensions Package Wizard should be used.

I found the following issues with the new package wizard.

1.No way to convert existing .pks file that was used by Packaging Wizard in MOD XP to access 2003 developer extensions Package Wizard.
2. Not able to be installed in nested folders under the installation folder
3. Installation and registration of COM components is not supported 
If the user installed office to a non default location, then all shortcuts generated by the wizard are wrong
5.If the user install application to a non default location, the shortcut in Start/Programs is wrong.
6.There is no way to create shortcuts in Start Menu|Programs subfiolder like
Start Menu|Programs|e-Knowledge Manager|e-Library Utilities and no way to create additional shortcuts.
7. I didn’t find a way to allow overwrite previous version by installer. I have to manually uninstall previous version before installing a new one.

Additionally there are new for Access 2003 security warnings that I have to address in some way.

Also I’ve tried to use access 2003 developer extensions Custom Sturtup Wizard, which hangs taking 100% CPU. 

So the options that I have are: Use some another setup tool (e.g. Inno as it is suggested here) or stay with Access XP.

At the moment I decided to return back to Access 2002 with MOD 2002.