“Visual Studio 2005 is very slow” -some tips for ASP.NET projects

I am very disappointed with performance of VS 2005, in particular when building ASP.NET web site projects.

I’ve tried a lot of suggestions.

1.Workaround Description:
Delete windows.prf & windowsidx.prf from C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftVisual Studio8.0 .
Seems has no effect.

 2 Uncheck Navigation bar.

3.Disable wordwrap at: Tools>Options>TextEditor >C#>General4. My project had referenced DLLs located on shared folder on remote computer. When I moved DLLs to a local computer and changed project references, I’ve noticed some performance improvement when building project and opening ASP.NET forms.

 Speed up Visual Studio 2005 suggests a few things to try, but Track Active Item in Solution Explorer is too useful to uncheck.

You can Optimize the launch of the Visual Studio 2005 by disabling “Start Page” and splash screen.

Unfortunutely, it seems that there is not an environment settings issue, but the problem with VS 2005 itself.

Compiling ASP.NET web site project is quicker if using DevServer, not IIS.
 It is also quicker if run “Ctrl-F5“ (without debugging) , you can attach to WebDev.WebServer.exe later.

9/6/2006 I’ve installed MS HotFix http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917452,.

However when starting  ASP.NET web site project, “validating web site” still takes a while.
Update: See a recent FIX: A significant delay may occur when you try to debug an ASP.NET-connected application in Visual Studio 2005.

Update:I’ve found “Tips to optimize design-time build performance for Web Sites in Visual Studio 2005 “ that looks very promising.

There are also ScottGu posts  Tip/Trick: Optimizing ASP.NET 2.0 Web Project Build Performance with VS 2005 and Common Gotcha: Slow VS 2005 Web Site Build Performance Because of “Dueling Assembly References”  that address the issue.

Also I’ve started to use small solutions with WAP projects for development/debugging, that are compiled very quickly.