Resolved :.NET Runtime version 1.1.4322.2300- Setup Error: Failed to load resources from resource file

On a windows 2003 server (IIS6) from some time when I tried to open ASP.NET application I started to receive error:

.NET Runtime version 1.1.4322.2300- Setup Error: Failed to load resources from resource file.Please check your Setup.

and was unable to do anything. In the Sitem event log ther was related warning from W3SVC:

A process serving application pool ‘Pool1’ terminated unexpectedly. The process id was ‘2648’. The process exit code was ‘0x800703e9’.

The google shows many reports(e.g  with the same error but not much resolutiuons.

I beleived that the error started after I’ve installed remote debugging components for .Net 1.1. So I’ve uninstalled remote debugging components from the machine, but it didn’t  help. 

Then I’ve install all windows Servcie Packs/Updates -no changes to my problem.

On web I found an advice to install “Debug Diagnostic Service” -it didn’t stop on the error and didn’t produce any logs.

I’ve install full version of VS 2003 and it allowed me to debug Stack Overflow exception.

The stack traced showed that SecurityException was thrown recurcively by dnvexceptionhandler.dll!net.nvisionsoftware.AppVisionSLM.ExceptionWrapper.

I found that DotNetWindows VAT (Vulnerability Assessment Test)  from nVision Software Technologies was installed. I’ve uninstalled it but the same error still occurred.

I found that even after uninstall folder C:WINDOWSNVisionInstrumentationConfig still existed and dnvexceptionhandler.dll was still loaded by w3wp.exe.

Only when I manually renamed  C:WINDOWSNVisionInstrumentationConfig  folder , the error disappeared.