Add SelectedValue property to MetaBuilders’ ComboBox

 I am using  MetaBuilders.ComboBox[^] and recently found that I am not able to specify SelectedValue in Page_OnLoad event.

The html list has “selected“ as expected , but text box is not populated with selected value.

It is required to add SelectedValue  to the MetaBuilders.WebControls.ComboBox.


            /// Overrides .

            /// Should be overridden to addition to SelectedIndex


            public override string SelectedValue




                        return base.SelectedValue;




                        base.SelectedValue = value;

                        // this.isLoaded is used in  SelectedIndex to ensure special 

                    //processing  when called from LoadPostData

                        // not required in SelectedValue property

                        this.Text = SelectedValue;



You need to download MetaBuilders.ComboBox[^] from

and add the SelectedValue code to the MetaBuilders.WebControls.ComboBox class in ComboBox.cs file.

Then compile the project and use DLL in the same way as original MetaBuilders combo-box can be used.

See here another fix for MetaBuilders.WebControls.ComboBox, which is important if you use SmartNavigation